Rev. Sundari was born deaf and is an avid user of American Sign Language (ASL). For over 20 years, she taught American Sign Language in various settings (homeschool, secondary, college, corporate, and prison). She absolutely loves teaching and it is in her blood.

During the recession of 2010 she had lost her job with a large corporation, got divorced, and became a full- time single mother - all within 6 months. The stress got her very ill. Her foundation for her health years prior had been holistic and during her transformation journey, she started exploring meditation and it changed her life.

It has helped her tremendously with ADHD, panic anxiety, stress, depression, and self-esteem.

Meditation has become her new obsession. She started taking meditation classes at a community college and started her book collection on meditation. She is extremely anxious to share this beautiful knowledge with her community. Sundari has decided to pursue her certification with THe Radiance sutras meditation teacher training® with Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, PH.D. She is also working on her doctorate degree focusing on meditation for the deaf. during her meditation journey, she was given her spiritual name sundari which means beautiful in hindu.

Besides her passion for meditation, she enjoys reading, yoga, Gardening, hiking, and camping. she is a lifelong learner. She currently resides in Kentucky with her life partner, TJ. She is also an LGBTQ ally as she is supporting her daughter’s journey as a transgender.

Current credentials:

  • B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in criminology

  • B.MSC (Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science in conjunction with the ordained minister program)

  • M.A.ED in adult education and training

  • Post M.A.ED in secondary education

  • Ordained minister

Work in Progress:

Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D.

Become certified meditation teacher

(and many more…… PSST... she won't stop )