About Rev. Tam Sundari B.Msc, M.Ed, C-MT


The purpose of OMButterfly™ platform is to connect one another through the wisdom of meditation online. Thus, let’s connect. 

Rev. Tam Sundari is an ordained minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry. She is continuing her spiritual studies to gain a masters’ and doctorate degree through the University of Metaphysics.

Her journey in meditation began in 2010 when she got extremely ill from the stress of losing her full-time job, got divorced and became a single mother within the short period. She had a meditation experience prior but did not explore it until she went to the Emergency Room for an asthma attack. Her nurse consulted a breath work method and it helped tremendously until she was prescribed IV drip. Right after her recovery, she explored meditation by taking classes, workshops and training programs. Meditation has became her passion. She is an avid book collector in meditation. She would grab any book that has the title of Meditation or mention of it. 

She is a certified Meditation Instructor with American Institute of Healthcare Professionals (AIHCP), School of Positive Transformation, and with Prison Mindfulness Institute. She is also pursuing her certifications in specialized meditations. 

Besides her passion in meditation, she enjoys camping, hiking, yoga and gardening.